Cervix Remembrance
14 Unique Invitations to Deepen Your Connection with Your Cervix
Eliminate Shame and Have Some Fun Falling in Love With Your Cervix

The Cervix Remembrance Mini-Course takes you though a beautiful gentle journey of bringing your cervix online into your daily life.

This mini-course was curated and designed to take you through a process of slowly but surely integrating your cervix into your life for the purpose of remembrance, healing, connection and awareness of this beautiful place in your beautiful body.

These invitations were originally shared on Instagram Live in January 2020 while I was counting down the days for the official publication launch of my book, Informed, Aware, Empowered: A Self-Guided Journey to Clear Paps (you'll hear me speaking about the book quite often in the invitations because it was a part of the IG Lives).

The invitations are unique and not shared anywhere else in Cervical Wellness content.

This is for you if:
+ You're seeking new inspired actions for you to take on your cervical healing journey
+ You have a deep desire to know what it means to invite your cervix into your daily life
+ You're feeling the call of your cervix and you don't know where to begin
What's Included:
+ 14 high-vibe and inspirational invitation video with guidance around how to incorporate them into you daily life
+ 3 Guided Meditations
+ Group-chat experience on an private social network site
Hi Friends,

I'm Denell Barbara and it's my honor to share with you these 14 invitations that I normally reserve for my private clients.

When I found myself on year two, year three, and then year four of my cervical healing journey, truth be told I began to get bored with what I was doing for my cervix. I already knew about nutrition, exercise, herbs, and the various womb-practices I learned from Dr. Christiane Northrup in the book Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom. But I needed some variety.

I began to explore what it was like to 'invite' my cervix into various daily actions of my life, and how this impacted my mood, my sense of hope, and how I felt about my cervical healing journey. Safe to say what I experienced was quite amazing. I've since reverse abnormal paps and haven't looked back since.

The fourteen short videos and three meditations will give you some extra inspiration as you continue along your cervical healing path.

Please note: This mini-course does not offer health-information or guidance around HPV & Cervical Dysplasia specifically.

Cervix Remembrance is about bringing your cervix online in your life.

Encouraging an alliance between you and it, on behalf of your well-being, happiness, and devotion to your cervical healing path.

And this, my friends, will change everything.

Price: $97 USD